Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finished another

So I thought I'd post it.

for observational drawing

School going well!

Hey again everyone out there. I figured it was time to start posting some of my newest artwork on here now that I'm finished with my little hiatus from anything productive (including art).

This is my current design project. The concept was to create a single repeatable design that when repeated 9 times, would not have a focal point. The second part of the project was to recreate that same design with a single difference among the 9 designs that would act as a focal point among the rest but still maintain the design. Here's what I came up with.

50's ish Americana style artwork of a girl playing with a yoyo. The yoyo can interject from any direction of placement into itself.

The anomoly design is the girl being whacked by 8 surrounding yoyo's causing her to fall face down and die. I like to mix morbid with cute. So here it is. Trying new things.

this is definetely not my usual style of artwork. You'll know this if you've ever browsed one of my sketchpads.

*Faaip De Oiad was playing on my stereo really loud as I wrote this. Always sends chills up my spine... so discomforting*