Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've been doing finals projects all week. this is the project for my perspective class. It's a perspective drawing for the Mayan culture including one structure and one bridge. This took my noob ass 6 hours to paint and like an hour to draw. I had it printed and it turned out really dark but hte psd is a lot brighter. enjoy!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another image

I cant decide which one i like better.

The one with the yellow background is on a multiplied layer so it alters all of the multiplied colors on top of it. I like the true colors as they are... dont really know how to fix it, so here the both are.

Digital Painting

Here we have it, my first EVER attempt at digital painting. I read a few tutorials online and had my instructor give a quick demonstration during class last week so I thought I'd try it out today.

I'm pretty happy with it for my first attempt. I'll probably do some more of these in the next coming weeks.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quarter's almost over

Well I have finals all next week. I've got all 'A's in my classes and I'm pretty sure thats what my end of quarter grade will reflect. Got a lot of projects to do this weekend and in the last 2 weeks I've done a lot so I'll be posting some of my stuff in the next week or so... whenever I get it all scanned/photod.

I finished the logo for my uncle Rick's coffee shop in Fulton. Redband Coffee Company. It's gonna be a pretty cool shop. Servin up breakfast burritos, hot coffees, krumpets and whatnot. Go check it out if you're able to.

Not much else is new. Just playing a lot of WoW, doing some school.

Jackie is gonna visit Fayetteville and get tattooed for her birthday. She hasn't been liking it too much out here because she hasn't made any really good friends like the did back in NC. So it's a little vacation for her to be away from work for a while, and away from me :P , and see her old buddies and take a few days off.

Anyway, Take care.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Been doing some model portraits too.

Some more Artwork

This is a drawing I did at school. The assignment was to draw from a real life object and capture both the concepts of reflection and transparency so my friend Trish brought in this crystal ball held up by 3 horses. Turned out pretty good. Was a lot of fun to draw. Oh, on the other side of the crystal ball was this guy named Esteban who's image was distorted completely upside down... incase you were wondering what htat was... it's a person at a desk who's drawing me thru the crystal ball.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finished another

So I thought I'd post it.

for observational drawing

School going well!

Hey again everyone out there. I figured it was time to start posting some of my newest artwork on here now that I'm finished with my little hiatus from anything productive (including art).

This is my current design project. The concept was to create a single repeatable design that when repeated 9 times, would not have a focal point. The second part of the project was to recreate that same design with a single difference among the 9 designs that would act as a focal point among the rest but still maintain the design. Here's what I came up with.

50's ish Americana style artwork of a girl playing with a yoyo. The yoyo can interject from any direction of placement into itself.

The anomoly design is the girl being whacked by 8 surrounding yoyo's causing her to fall face down and die. I like to mix morbid with cute. So here it is. Trying new things.

this is definetely not my usual style of artwork. You'll know this if you've ever browsed one of my sketchpads.

*Faaip De Oiad was playing on my stereo really loud as I wrote this. Always sends chills up my spine... so discomforting*